Everything you need to create content that equals an obsessed following, a whole lotta dollars in the bank and a lot less hours on the clock. 


A heart-centered entrepreneur and expert in your industry? Check. ✅

Ready to boldly facilitate REAL change, without apology? Check again. ✅

Create magnetic content that gets Forbes interviews and guest podcast requests from your Stories alone, constantly books out your business, and grows an audience so captivated they literally send money every time you post to the grid,

… WITHOUT taking up all your time and energy? 

Uh, not so much. ❌❌❌


Done correctly, your content can launch your business into total abundance.

“But Cait! I don’t have time to source every single copy, branding and video training out there!” 

I feel ya, sister! Good thing I already put them all in one place...


and what I'm here to show you:

Pregnancy actually offers you one of the GREATEST gifts in business - the necessity to simplify, streamline, and do less to make more in your business, all so you can be present to what matters most in your life.
The Ca$h Money Content Bundle: your one-stop shop for the templates, tools and trainings you need to create content that makes that money, honey!

It’s got everything but the kitchen sink – though with all the cash this baby’s gonna help you bring in, you can buy your own damn sink. In marble. 

All for $147 $97!

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Content Prompt Map, with 50 high-value content ideas 
  • Brand Story Catalog that takes your ICA all the way through your funnel, and primes them to purchase your product suite 
  • Facebook Group Guide, with 15+ groups already sourced for you
  • Emoji Cheat Sheet, with the highest performing emojis for my 7 figure business
  • ​Video guide to walk you through the entire bundle
  • Text Message Template
  • ​Twitter template

Oh, did you think that was it? You also get these bonuses… 

Anatomy of a Social Media Post: Inside this bonus, I’m breaking down the key pieces every post needs to make it profitable.

Livestream Like a Boss e-book: I’ll show you how to get as comfy on Lives as you do singing along to Lady Gaga in your kitchen (just me?)

Social Media Power Bundle e-book: Learn how to harness the power of social media for the business you have now, tomorrow and five years down the road.

Bank Making Photoshoot Guide: Your branding investment should pay for itself three times over. I’ll show you how. 

Industry Icon video training: An exclusive masterclass where you’ll learn how to get recognized as the go-to leader in your industry

Go from posting paralysis – what to say, how to say it, when and where to post it – to confidently dropping content that equals cash in your bank. 

“What if I already have the Bingeworthy Content Masterclass?”

And other FAQ’s powerhouse entrepreneurs like you ask:

If I already have the Bingworthy Content Masterclass, should I get the Ca$h Money Content Bundle?
I’d suggest it! They complement each other – the Ca$h Money Content Bundle builds on strategies you’ll learn in the Masterclass, plus it gives you ALL the tools you need to create content that leads to payment notifications. 
When can I use the Bundle? 
Immediately. In fact, you might be surprised how quickly these tools and trainings will transform your business (and your bank account). Start by watching the guide provided, then use each template and training as you need. 
I’m not a business coach. Can I still use the Ca$h Money Content Bundle?
Hell to the yes! The Ca$h Money Content Bundle is designed for womxn entrepreneurs – in any niche – who want their content to equal cash in the bank as they transform the world. 
I’m not clear on my niche. Will the Ca$h Money Content Bundle help me figure it out? 
Woman! Click here for more info on Nail Your Niche, my signature program where you’ll learn how to stand out in your industry, attract your loyal following and make bank while unapologetically showing up as yourself.
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